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Oce PlotWave 300 Wide Format

The Oce PlotWave 300 Wide Format Printer is On Sale!

Copier Specs – Oce PlotWave 300

3 D-Size (36″ x 24″) Per Minute
Maximim Size:
36″ x 588″
First Copy Time:
24 Seconds
Paper Roll Sizes:
18″ to 36″ 500 Foot Rolls
600 x 600 dpi
Toner Yield:
15,000 Square Feet
(H x W x D) 50 x 54 x 40
Weight (Base Unit):
408 lbs
Power Requirements:
120V 30A

Oce PlotWave 300

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Buying the Oce PlotWave 300 On Sale

WideFromatsOnSale will ship you a top quality Oce PlotWave 300 printer in perfect condition for just a small fraction of the cost of buying new. Your new wide format printer will be fully guaranteed under our industry leading warranty. With WideFormatsOnSale, you get exactly what you paid for. With a vast selection of high quality gently used printers, WideFormatsOnSale has nearly any make or configuration you need. WideFormatsOnSale will ship you the best quality Oce PlotWave 300 printer at a substantial fraction of the cost of buying new. WideFormatsOnSale will ship your order fast and securely. And we include a no-risk guarantee that your Oce PlotWave 300 printer will be installed and be perfectly operational right off the bat. Call WideFormatsOnSale today and save up to 90% off the original retail price!

Introduction to the Oce PlotWave 300

Simple, green, durable, all-in-one large format system Printing, copying and scanning large format technical documents just got easier for everyone. The next wave of Océ monochrome multifunctional systems starts with the Océ PlotWave® 300 system. It cuts energy usage in half, fits in small spaces, and turns out page after page of nearly flawless documents—without missing a beat. And with the design, construction, and reliability you’ve come to expect from Océ. The Océ PlotWave 300 system is designed around your needs and our long understanding of the wide format industry. Today the most advanced architectural, engineering, and construction companies use Océ systems to build the world around us. With over 130 years experience as a printing and document management company, our printing systems are built on quality and real world insights that make the difference. They are developed to be as energy efficient as possible and make the working environment cleaner and healthier for everyone. They undergo rigorous usability tests to guarantee long lasting performance and consistent results. That’s the difference you can expect from Océ, the choice of professionals. Read more.

Nationwide Shipping for the Oce PlotWave 300 is Only 199$!

To ensure timely and secure delivery of your Oce PlotWave 300, our company has adopted the best shipping and handling practices in the industry. Over the course of our company’s history, our logistics division has developed an industry leading specialization in shipping delicate wide format equipment nationwide as well as around the world. Our in-house logistics experts work in tandem with the nation’s top copier transport companies to ensure that every copier we sell arrives on time and in perfect working condition. Read more.

Warranty for the Oce PlotWave 300

“Copiers On Sale” offers full warranty coverage for a full 30 days on all copiers purchased including the Oce PlotWave 300. This period starts on the date the copier is received by the buyer. As such, the buyer has ample time to have their copier installed by a trained technician. During the shipping process, vibrations may occur. This may result in the need to make adjustments to the copier once the copier arrives at destination. For this reason, “Copiers On Sale” takes full responsibility for the copier purchased. Our responsibility includes paying for all missing or broken parts and consumables, as well as labor, for the first 30 days following delivery. Any non-consumable parts are covered for an additional 2 years following the initial 30 day warranty. Read More.

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