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When it comes to Oce wide format printers, Wide-Formats-On-Sale simply excels. We retail, wholesale and export all leading models of OCE, OCE TDS, and OCE ColorWave models. Our insider’s track in the wide format industry allows us to offer unbeatable dealer prices. We do so with all of our retail and business customers. How do we achieve this? Well, we selectively pick the very best wide formats from the inflow of off-lease equipment that arrives at our network of warehouses. This occurs right before the off-lease units get shipped overseas. This permits us to exclusively retail the very best wide format engineering printers having less than 3 months of use. And that’s how Wide-Formats-On-Sale simply excels.

To Buy or to Lease an Oce Wide Format?

If you just have to have the latest technology and you have the budget to cover the rental payments, then leasing might just be the solution for you. But if your office or print shop needs a reliable and affordable Oce printer with numerous years of operating life ahead of it, a gently used Oce wide format printer from Wide-Formats-On-Sale may be the better way forward.

Lease Vs. Buy Factors:

Your costs over the life of the printer are going to be substantially higher with leasing than if you buy a wide format printer outright. At the end of a lease contract, you have no tangible assets. Most if not all leasing agreements can’t be cancelled or they are, hefty penalties are charged.

So if leasing is starting to look like a drag and buying a brand new Oce wide format printer isn’t an option, consider the Wide-Formats-On-Sale.

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