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Ricoh Wide Format Printers On Sale!

Wide-Formats-On-Sale is the premier online dealership for high quality Ricoh wide format printers. Our company has access to the widest selection of Ricoh wide format printers and equivalent brands such as Savin and Lanier. Whether you’re an architect, engineer or print shop owner, Wide-Formats-On-Sale is the online store for you. Our Ricoh wide format copiers come with a full 30-day warranty and all of our wide format printers are offered at liquidation prices you just won’t believe. So call us now toll-free at 1-855-955-9855 and request a quote for any Ricoh wide format model. Be sure to ask about our floor models and repossessed copiers!

Ricoh Wide Formats that are Practically New!

Marketers have persuaded us that shiny new objects are always better than ones that are second-hand. But if there’s anything good to come of the recent financial downturn, it’s that we’re better off rethinking how we spend our money and how we value objects that are lightly used but still practically new. Such is the case with a lightly used but practically new Ricoh wide format printer, for example. Ricoh has always built its machines to last. And Wide-Formats-On-Sale has always sourced wide format printers that have most of their working life ahead of them.

Our company sources pristine, unblemished wide format printers that have just come off-lease. Then, our qualified technicians scrutinize our units and replace any suspect parts using original parts. Each printer is tested and retested with multiple copy runs to ensure the units put out crisp fine lines.

We then offer our good-as-new Ricoh wide format printers to our customers for a fraction of their original retail price. No leasing contracts. Just a great bargain on a high quality printer.

Ricoh Wide Format Printers On Sale Call Now!