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Canon Copiers that are Practically New!

If you’re looking to buy a brand new Canon copier or lightly used Canon copier for your business, one of the primary things to research as far as cost savings is the functionality of the copier model you’re considering. Multifunctional copiers can offer significant savings, as they often print, scan and fax, in addition to copying.

Buying Gently Used Canon Copiers

Canon copiers come in a range of sizes to fit any office dimensions. With multi-functionality like this, you can save with each added feature.

Save on Printing: The biggest saving here is that you don’t have to buy a separate printer. Canon copiers are very cost efficient and can be purchased in a range of sizes to match the output you require for your office and print shop.

Save with Scanning: Many businesses are now going paperless. Instead of saving paper files, they’re using office equipment like Canon copiers with scanning ability to create electronic libraries. This is a double saving. A “green” side benefit The less paper you use, the more you help the environment.

Internet Connected: Due to the fact that you can hook up Canon copiers by way of the Internet, you save on the cost of running several copiers separately.

Worker Contributions: Canon copiers, as machines, are workhorses. Couple this with a few workplace guidelines, and you can really see your business’s savings on photocopying multiply. Following are a few.

Copy only when necessary: While this may seem like an obvious tip, stress how important it is that your company saves money by copying or printing only when absolutely necessary. Reward employees with “green savings.”

For example, tell employees that they more they save by properly using our Canon copiers, they will be rewarded with a catered employee lunch, or getting off an extra hour early on Friday. Your goal should be to stress that while you are cost-conscious as a company, it is for the benefit of the whole company – not just top-level bosses.

As a side note, new canon copier models can be networked to track who printed what when. Quotas can also be implemented via this technology. Check which Canon copiers can be set up in this manner if your company wishes to employ any of these methods.

Change work habits: Many employees print documents they are working on so that they have a physical copy from which to work. Where possible, encourage them to scan the document and send it to their desktop as an e-file and work from there.

Unplug: Finally, the last person in the office should be responsible for turning off all copiers – and other office equipment as well – before leaving for the evening. In fact, when shopping for Canon copiers, look for the models that have auto-switch-off capability.