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When it comes to OCE Wide Formtas, Wideformats on sale simply excels. We retail and wholesale all leading models of OCE, OCE TDS, and OCE ColorWave wide format printers. Our insider’s track in the wide format industry allows us to extend unbeatable dealer prices to all of our retail and business customers. How do we achieve this? Well, we pick the very best wide format printers from the inflow of off-lease equipment that arrives at our network of warehouses right before they get shipped overseas. Then, we exclusively retail the very best OCE wide format copiers with very low usage. That’s how Copiers-On-Sale simply excels.

If you’re considering getting any OCE wide formats for the first time, it’s likely because of all the great things you’ve heard about them. OCE is an established and highly trusted brand. A company known for its domination of the wide format copier market. A company that builds wide format copiers for heavy volume users who demand speed and perfection.

Copiers-On-Sale gives you a way to buy a gently used wide format Oce printers at prices that will make you look really good at performance review time. Not only will you have snagged the best wide format copier brand on the market for your office, but you will have saved the company a lot of money, and your performance will be deemed an “act of green” by buying a used OCE copier.