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Warranty Protection details

All copiers (including all copiers, printers and engineering copiers) sold by “Copiers On Sale” in the United States and Canada are subject to the terms and conditions put forth in this warranty document, unless otherwise stated in the invoice, for the time periods described, beginning on the date the copier purchased is received by the buyer.

An unconditional 30-day complete warranty and a 2-year major malfunction extended warranty

“Copiers On Sale” offers full warranty coverage for a full 30 days on all copiers purchased. This period starts on the date the copier is received by the buyer. As such, the buyer has ample time to have their copier installed by a trained technician. During the shipping process, vibrations may occur. This may result in the need to make adjustments to the copier once the copier arrives at destination. For this reason, “Copiers On Sale” takes full responsibility for the copier purchased. Our responsibility includes paying for all missing or broken parts and consumables, as well as labor, for the first 30 days following delivery. Consumables are guaranteed to deliver at least 50% of their full yield. Any non-consumable parts are covered for an additional 2 years following the initial 30 day warranty. This includes all major non-wearing / non-consumable items such as, but not limited to: power supplies, circuit boards, motors, scanning units, display panels, glass, etc.



•The copier must be plugged into a surge filter and/or power protection device that is properly sized to support the power and filter requirements of the copier as stated by its service manual.

•The warranty does not cover damages that may have resulted from the buyer moving the copier. We recommend that your copier be moved by a certified copier technician.

•The warranty does not cover service issues that are the result of customer abuse or misuse.

•Parts that are replaced will be sent out standard courier. The customer may pay the price difference to have the parts sent out next day or second day air.